Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Color me blue

This week’s assignment from the League: I’m feeling blue

What was this week's assignment from the League Of Extraordinary Bloggers?


I could have Googled a bunch of blue stuff, but I decided I only wanted to use photos of stuff I own. So, I gathered up my few blue belongings, and snapped away.

This is one of my favorite shirts. Sometimes I'll put it on when I need to feel invincible.

Blueberry beer! I know some may call it a crime to add fruits to beer, but I love it. This stuff is new to me, so I'm actually looking forward to trying some later tonight.

Neoprene shark bottle topper. Don't ask, because I dunno.

Red Lobster is pepper, Blue Crab is salt.

I've had these Quicksilver flip flops for over 10 years. They're starting to get a little smooth on the bottom now, but I think I got my 10 bucks worth.

Kang didn't get his way once, and his mommy told him he could hold his breath til he turned blue in the face. That was several thousand years ago in the future, and he's still holding his breath.

I always did love the vintage R2-D2, with his chrome top and blue accents. It looks like someone sprung for the top of the line model at the droid dealership.

One of my newest Crayboths. His colors make me want to take him to the beach for some reason.

Blue plane flying through a blue Eastern Shore sky. Chelsea took me on a trip to California for my 30th birthday. This plane was one of the gifts that acted as a hint. Needless to say, I was surprised.

These are the vessels we rely on for our water borne adventures.

This is the backspacer in my newest favorite knife, the Spyderco Techno.

I loved the covers for all the 2099 first issues. This is one line I wish they would bring back.

Nope. Still haven't started watching these yet.

So the set itself isn't blue, but the top of the container is. I miss the days when one of these sets, with its 52 pcs, could keep me occupied for hours on end. Who am I kidding, I could still occupy myself with this set.

This one was given away a while ago, but I still like this picture. This is Surge, from the first series of Hero Factory figures.

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  1. Not crazy about the Blueblue beer am more of a Red's Apple Ale fan. : )

    1. I like Red's, but I find myself going for Angry Orchard more.

  2. Great post!Loving Kang ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Glad you like them Miss M. Glad to see you're back up and running.

  4. Excellent collection of images.

  5. Dude, whoa! Is that a Girl Scout Cookie drink in your fridge!? Where did you get that? Is it any good?

    1. Heh, it's a Coffee Mate coffee creamer. I don't know that it tastes anything like the cookies, but I still like it. They have a few different flavors if I remember right.

      I'm pretty sure I got this one at Food Lion, so you can probably find them at any grocery store.

  6. "several thousand years ago in the future"? Wow, you have the best girlfriend ever, she took you to CA for your birthday?! Sounds like a keeper. ;-)


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